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Welcome to the website How Do You Get Evicted. Com. This website has lots of information regarding evictions and how to get evictions dismissed or win them. Here is what you will find on this website.

You get a summary of the eviction process for all 50 states plus the District of Colombia. Each of the processes tells what the landlord has to do to obtain an eviction and the court where to file the eviction action. What the tenant can do is explained as well as cross-referenced to the applicable section in the book “How to Stop an Eviction,” which is available for sale on this site.

Another section gives you links where you can download the statutes for your state to find out precisely what your state requires. Between the summary of the eviction process section and the downloadable state statutes section you will be able to get all the information you need to figure out what your state requires and how the process works.

Another section gives you many sources of eviction assistance such as legal aid. That is menu choice Eviction Assistance above. With the information about the the process the landlord must follow and what your state statutes require, you are ready to figure out how to defeat (or at least delay) your landlord.  The book “How to Stop Your Eviction,” available for sale on this site, is about tactics, how to defeat the landlord’s attempts to evict you from your residence. This resource, used in conjunction with one of the sources of assistance you will find in this section, should give you lots of counter-attacks that your landlord is counting on you not knowing.

You will also see another section on tenancies, which is a foreign concept for most tenants. Briefly, the type of lease that you have is an indication of your type of tenancy. A tenant under a lease that ends without being renewed changes their type of tenancy and the way that their landlord is required to treat them also changes. Many landlords do a poor job of treating their tenants properly as a tenancy changes and this section will educate you on what your landlord must do depending upon what your tenant status is. When you know what your rights are, you’ll be able to require the landlord treat you properly.

How Do You Get Evicted

The graphic on the right of the screen shows the book “How to Stop Your Eviction.” In it, among the most important sections is the Defenses section where we summarize the types of defenses that tenants can raise in an eviction process.  Also in that same book are “55 ways to delay the eviction” which are also covered briefly in the Defenses section. Those methods allow the tenant to raise objections to the process that can delay the eviction, in some cases for months. Also from that same book is “9 ways to Win an eviction or at least delay leaving- after you lost at trial.” That section shows the tenants how to delay the actual eviction process by weeks or months even after the landlord has obtained the eviction order from the court. All together, there are over 255 defenses to eviction.

We are the authors of the book “How to stop an Eviction” that is featured on this site, as well as all the website material. The book tells tenants how to win an eviction. The book is the product of more than 30 years of real-world experience from someone that has seen every aspect of land lording and evictions, from being a property manager, real estate investor, property flipper, and Realtor. The focus of the book is completely real world, with no esoteric theory. To look at the book’s components, just click on the graphic at the right.

Otherwise, just click on the menu item above that will take you where you want to go.